Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our Front Porch - Expansion Plans

Up until now, Our Front Porch has only been used to learn about & introduce a few people to blogging. Our Front Porch will be expanding to accomodate more family, friends & neighbors. This means more interesting things will be happening. More people will be invited to contribute posts. Like any lively neighborhood we will have visitors from other neighborhoods. Recently, Blogger added word verificaction & more control over comments. This will allow us to better police the neighborhood. As a result, I feel comfortable expanding at this time.

Why join Our Front Porch?
Let multiplication work for you: As this community grows serindipty will occur. Resources you never knew existed will appear. Through a cousin of a guy, who knows a gal, whose daughter is married to just the man you need to know. This is what would often happen in our old fashion neighborhoods where family, freinds, neighbors and passer-bys would gather on the front porch.

What is the mission of Our Front Porch? Our Front Porch aims to be the best example of combining new technology, old fashion community and a global reach. This mission has been developed as we have observed three common human experiences in conflict.

  1. The experience of separation, as we or others, we know have to move for economic reasons.
  2. The experience of stability, the people we know, love and have much in common with are nearby & reliable.
  3. Third, our need to grow through, new experiences, new environments, new friends and new possibilities.

Who will be invited to be active members?
Membership is by invitation only! Members will be made up of the family, friends, neighbors & old classmates of current & new memebers. Our Front Porch is intended to be a constantly expanded community.

Who will be able to view the Our Front Porch Blog Site?

In addition to members, Our Front Porch will be viewed by the family & friends of members as they send out e-mails with links to the Our Front Porch Blog. Also, the site can be viewed by web-surfers.

Make new porch memories with lawn games.


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